Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Confused about Featured Ads

In response to a recent question regarding how ads are selected to be shown in the Featured Ads box:

I can address your questions about Trading Dock.

This is the database query that displays featured listings for category 359:
select * from classifieds where featured_ad = 1 and live = 1 and category = 359 order by rand() limit 25.

There are 44 total ads in this category and 25 are randomly selected to be displayed, so you would expect any particular featured ad to show up 25/44 (57%) of the time. In my testing this is more or less what happened; your ad came up in 40 out of 71 queries (56%). You can rest assured that the sample is random.

I am going to modify the query so that the featured ads are ordered by date, with newest at the top. Hopefully that will lessen the confusion a little. We are aware that the featured / better placement / bolding system is not ideal and creates some misunderstanding, so bear with us and we will probably be revamping the system soon..

Thanks for looking out for problems on the site!

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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Put a YouTube video in your boat ad

Hey everybody. Today I've been working on a new feature for the site: embedding YouTube video in classified ads. Users can now add any video from YouTube to enhance their listings. We're hopeful that video will help our users buy and sell even more effectively.

Check out a sample here:

You will see the "YouTube Video URL" field when you place your next Trading Dock ad.

The video will be embedded in the ad below your ad description. The YouTube URL should be in the form of, as shown in the URL box underneath your video's YouTube description (the letters and numbers after the equal sign are the important part that identify your video).

If you encounter problems or need help posting a video, please contact us with the feedback form on the Trading Dock homepage. Let us know about any bugs you find so we can patch them up right away.


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