Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Known Scammers

I am advised by one of our advertisers that an alleged buyer "Frank Drachman" is not well-intentioned. Please be advised, and steer clear of any emails from him.

Also, Tom Moore. See below.

have been out of town.........just back for business ........regarding to the mail sent to me ealier i will like to tell you to forward your name and address with your phone number so that a check of the agreed price could be sent to you as quick as possible......

I will also like to let you know that the check wil be an excess check so that my bussines representative can get to you and finalise the transaction as the check clears....

Please kindly mail me with the required info.

Tom moore

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Donation Option

We have just added a "Donate to" option on the site. You'll find the link in the menu to the left. We are starting to see quite a number of boats sold as a direct result of ads placed on Trading Dock, and as you all know, placing an ad on Trading Dock is free.

We strongly believe this site serves a great purpose in bringing buyers and sellers of classic and antique boats and related items together. The more we can grow this little site, the more it will benefit everyone in this niche. Hopefully, the "Donate to" option will quietly fund a few enhancements on voluntary donations. It works for public radio, your local barber, and your waiter. Maybe it can help this project as well?

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